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"This Album has the Feel and Punch of a Live Show. The "Show" invokes a definite personality, It tells a story, sets a scene, cuts an atmosphere throughout of Late Summer night Jazz Bars, low ceilings pulsating tables, dancing couples and the sultry jazz fan leaning up against the wall in dark glasses so hard, he appears to be part of it. There is a good variety of songs on the album, keeping the interest and pace throughout, Over all the Album sits between Lounge and Salsa. Worth picking up. Well Rounded. Easy. Engaging."- Fishinabox Records

"On Wednesday August 5th I had the opportunity to work with the lovely Deborah Ledon band. There has always been an interesting dynamic between the sound engineer and the band. Either the sound guy thinks he knows everything and doesn’t listen to the band or the band doesn’t want to listen to the sound guy because of previous experiences where the sound engineer in fact hasn’t known anything. Deborah and the rest of her band however were very easy to work with and very professional. We were able to easily communicate with each other to make sure that the best sound was achieved.Deborah brought a lot of energy and excitement to the stage and was very interactive with the audience, something that is often missing in performances.The songs were upbeat and very well arranged; I can honestly say they had me dancing most of the night. The bands energy and pure authentic love for the music they were playing is the reason I got into this industry and as long as there are bands such as theirs, there will always be great venues and a happy audience. I look forward to working with these guys again."- Trevor Tews Producer/ Songwriter/Engineer/ Sound Engineer @ Guilt& Co.

"We were looking for a band to bring a happy and upbeat feeling to our recent unique fundraiser, the inaugural “Mayors Croquet Tournament.” The venue was a large outdoor playing field and posed some real challenges. Our selection of the Deborah Ledon Band was an excellent choice as they performed beautifully and added a lively and professional atmosphere to our event. We would highly recommend this group to anyone."- Clay Derochie, Director, Port Coquitlam Community Foundation

"In recent years I heard quite a bit Jazz music; too often the sheer joy of making music does not really come through with this music; too often just a bit too academic for my taste. Your release is really different … kinda exploding with joy!!! " - LORD LITTER, Musician/ DJ

"Deborah Ledon and her fantastic band packed Pat's Pub April 4th and provided an outstanding show soaked in energy, excitement and emotion. We will have her back again ASAP."- Roderick MacDonald Booking Agent, Jazz at The Pat

"In recent years I heard quite a bit Jazz music; too often the sheer joy of making music does not really come through with this music; too often just a bit too academic for my taste. Your release is really different … kinda exploding with joy!!! " - LORD LITTER, Musician/ DJ

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Deborah Ledon 2010 Cultural Olympiad | City Journal - by Noa Glouberman

Deborah Ledon 2010 Olympics Article | Vancouver View - Chinese

"Deborah Ledon is a MUST-SEE." - Vancouver2010.com

"The Vancouver-based singer-songwriter is as extraordinary as her life story." - AllAboutJazz.com

"You are HOTTER THAN HAVANA!" - Al Guraliuk, Total Entertainment Network

"Congratulations – you are now a RadioIndy.com GOLD ARTIST!" - Greg & Manny, RadioIndy.com

"Deborah Ledon’s strong performance and POWERFUL VOCALS blew everyone away. The standing room only crowd was spellbound by her Latin charm, sensual dance moves and high voltage energy. A great singer and true professional. Move over Gloria Estefan... here comes Deborah Ledon!" - Colleen O’Reilly, songwriter/ composer

"You must only use your powers for good!" - Phillip Ditchburn, Producer, CBC

"We love your CD!" - Frank Moore, Luver.com

"Your songs are all GREAT! We have you in rotation at WDYN." - Dynamic Dave, WDYN Radio, N.Y., USA

"What a firecracker of a performer you are!" - Marcus Davis, Bass Player, Serious Nubian

"Check out this diva, you won’t regret it!" - Smother.net

"Nuevamente, te felicitamos muy sinceramente por el excelente show que nos brindaste en el River Rock el pasado 4 de mayo, todo estuvo espectacular !!! Tú, tu voz, tu actuación en el escenario, los músicos, las canciones ... en fín, absolutamente todo estuvo magistral !!! Fue un espectáculo SENSACIONAL !!!" - Elio Masci, Latino Soy 96.1

"We’ll definitely be airplaying/webcasting your song ‘Like A Latin’ for our listeners." - Michiko & Chris, Yellowbeat.com

"You are quite famous now; you made the 2005 Euro Americana Charts!" - Lord Litter, Musician/ DJ, Berlin

"Toronto's loss is our gift; a real pleasure to hear. Breaking into a new market is often difficult, but I foresee great things for this talented artist who has the ability to sing convincingly in more than one language. Her interaction with her audience is genuine, and I challenge anyone to remain seated when one's feet feel the beat. After seeing one performance I was hooked. A real diva!" - R.J. Legault, Comedian

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